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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Speed boats - How to Become a Better Speed Boat Sailor

Speed boats - Generosity is contagious. This is a saying that sometimes loses its meaning in daily life encounter with different people, but somehow finds its essence in the water. If you have a few hours of navigation at sea, you know what I mean. If you are new to sailing, you will be surprised of how to deal with speed boats sailors from other speed boats sailors, compared with drivers on the freeway or even your neighborhood.

Sailors are more educated, so helpful and courteous to other boaters. Label is always practiced. And although many sailors took no navigational safety course, aware of the things we do and how to act in every situation.

The common sense of the unwritten rule to navigation and must be if you want to survive in the water. If it is a question of right of way, common sense says if you give to others regardless of its type that is privileged and that is loaded. In navigation, the whole world seems to know this and some good reasons, the whole world seems to use the common sense and give way to others.

I can relate this to a story I heard not long ago. Two boys were coincidentally celebrating its navigation mode to 4 miles per hour. A large cruiser was behind them. Obviously, the big cruise ship, as it is loading, had to give, while the occasional sailors can hold its line, and who had the privilege. However, the prevailing common sense to the privileged, they realize that they can get into trouble and produced by the large boat.

This is not an isolated incident. Most skippers are more about using your common sense to apply the principle of which is privileged and that it is charging. And this is something we always want to achieve out of the water. This is not the rule, but it is always advisable to give way and let the other guys, whoever has the right of way.

Every time I started the water, always observe this type of behavior is a collective way. The whole world seems to give way to others not because they know the rules, but more because they tend to treat the sailors as neighbors in the same water. Furthermore, there is always help his neighbor-policy standards for all. In fact, this is a legal rule, but the sailors who are not aware that this is a rule tend to follow each time, or at least when in the water.

This makes sense because if you need help, you need someone to stop and a little help. But sailors do not treat it like the other half (only for others who expect others to help them), but as an end (just helping because it is right).

To be honest, help the sailors see another boat to tow your speed boats to shore or to fix a boat, sometimes for several hours, you can drive my crazy in a good way. If I anchored a few hundred meters from the main package, only just a matter of time when someone will approach to ask if everything is okay from a distance or shouting "Out of gas?" or "Need help?

General rules are good, but are more useful when needed legal disputes. On the water, always play defensively to avoid collisions, to create harmony with other sailors, and is always willing to help others.- Speed boats

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